Former Principals

Worthy Sisters

Sacred Heart School has the honor to have availed services of following educationists as its Principals:

SR. Lucy Bruzani O.P

May 1938 To Dec 1949

SR. Inginia Miero O.P

Dec 1949 To March 1956

SR. Imelda Frotuna O.P

April 1956 To Oct 1972

SR. Angela Fleix O.P

Oct 1972 To April 1981

SR. Josephine Nawab O.P

Sep 1981 To Oct 1984

SR. Cecilia John O.P

Nov 1984 To March 1989

SR. Razia Channan O.P

April 1989 To March 1992

SR. Josephine Nawab O.P

April 1992 To March 1996

SR. Margarate Raphail O.P

April 1996 To August 1996

SR. Rose Daniel O.P

Sep 1996 To March 2003

SR. Aneglina Ibrahim O.P

April 2003 To March 2008

SR. Rose Daniel O.P

April 2008 To March 2012

SR. Robina Victor O.P

April 2012 To Sep 2013