Examination Rules

Instructions for the Guidance of Candidates During Examination

These regulations apply to all examinations.

There is an assessment in every term. It is necessary for the student to appear in all the assessments.
At least 50% marks in each subject are required for promotion to the next class.
Cyclostyled or photo static copies of the question papers are provided in each term.
Pupils absent from an assessment for any reason are not re-assessed.
The seating arrangements made by the administration must be strictly followed by the students.
Students should not enter the class rooms before assembly.
Perfect order and silence must be observed while entering and leaving the rooms.
Students will take only necessary articles for the exam in the class rooms.
Answer sheets will be provided to the students by the teachers at their seats.
All answer sheets used by the students must be signed by the invigilator. The sheets which will not be signed will be cancelled.
Borrowing and lending is not permitted in the examination room.
Cheating or attempt of cheating is strictly forbidden and will be severely dealt with.
The report of each assessment will be shown to the students as well as to the parents.
The results of assessments are final and cannot be reconsidered.
The students failing in two subjects are not promoted.
Any student failing twice in the same class will have to be withdrawn.
In selection exams the students of 9th & 10th class will have to obtain at least 70% marks in all subjects otherwise their admission will be sent to the board as private candidates.