Vacation Homework

Grade Prep


  • Parts of Body, Colours Name
  • Word Building Aa to Gg two words with each letter.
  • Make sentence with these words (door, ice cream, call, come, class)

Maths: Counting 1 to 50. Circle the smaller numbers pg no. 7, Table of 2 and 3 learn and write

Science:  Unit 1-2 from Book reading + Writing practice

S.St:     Unit 1 and 2 from book. Reading + Writing

اردو: تصویر کا پہلا حرف لکھیں۔ الفاظ بنائیں۔ ا آ , ب , پ , ت حروف کو ا سے ملائیں۔ پھلوں کے نام۔ شراتی نو حروف

Grade 1

Maths: Tables 2,3,4. Counting in words 1 to 20 book pages 1,2,3,5,6

Science:   Unit 1 reading. Learn 10 parts on body.

S.St:   Unit 1 learn about myself

English:   Unit 1 Learn and read  Grammar Tree: 1, 2 , 3

Computer: Unit No.1

                  اردو: سبق نمبر 1،2،3 یاد کریں اور پڑھیں۔

اسلامیات:   سبق نمبر 1، اللہ تعالیٰ پر ایمان، سبق نمبر 2 ہمارے پیارے نبی یاد کریں اور پڑھیں۔

Grade 2

Maths:  Write Table 2 to 10 on notebook. Write Counting in words 1 to 20

Science: Paste the picture of “Senses” on notebook.

S.St: Unit No. 1 “Families” Draw family tree on notebook and write few sentences about your family.

                  Unit No. 2 Mr. Raza Ali’s Day Make your own timetable. Put in the time and list the important thing that you do. (Page No. 9) on notebook

English: Learn Exercises of Unit No. 1, 2 . Write Unit No.2, 3 on notebook

Computer: Paste parts of computer on notebook.

Grade 3

Science: Unit 1,2,5 Reading + Concept check + Exercise

S.St: Unit No.1 The Earth in space Reading + work page. Maps Reading + work page  Unit no. 2,6,7 reading + work page

English:Write an essay on my teacher and my school. Application of sick leave and urgent piece of work

                  Unit 1 and 2 Exercise from Book. Write down on notebook.

Maths: Write down tables of 2 to 10 on notebook and learn it.

Computer: Unit No. 1 , 2 find answers of the questions from exercise and learn.

اردو: مضامین “میری استانی اور میرا سکول” کاپی پر لکھیں اور یاد کریں. حمد اور نعت کی مشقیں کاپی پر لکھیں اور یاد کریں۔

Grade 4

English: Unit No.1 and 2 Learn and read

Science: Unit No. 1 and 2 Learn and read

S.St: Unit No.1 and 2 Learn and read

Computer: Unit No.1 Learn and Read

Maths: Page No. 6,7,8,9,10

                                                                        اردو:    حمد اور نعت پڑھیں اور یاد کریں۔

اسلامیات:          ایمان اور ارکان اسلام پڑھیں اور یاد کریں

Grade 5

Computer: Unit 1 (10 short questions from book) Unit 2(10 short questions from book). Draw pictures of 5 generations of computer. Technology from book.

 English: Reading Chapter (1,2,3) word meanings, short question answers (15), Long question answer (10) from book. Write Story: Thirsty Crow 

S.St: Unit no. 1 and 2. Learn and read.

Science: Unit no.1 and 2 Learn and Read

Maths: Learn Tables 10 to 15. Practice on notebooks Page No. 7(question # 4 , 5 , 6 , 7),Page No. 8 (question # 8 , 9 , 10),Page No. 14 ,Page No. 15(question # 10 , 11) Page No. 29 (question # 4 , 5 , 6 , 7, 8)

اردو: حمد، نعت،  بوائےسکاوٹس۔ قصہ حضرت یونس علیہ اسلام، اجنبی پر بوروسہ۔ الفاظ معنی مشق حل کریں۔

اسلامیات: آیت  الکرسی، سورۃ الفلک، سبق نمبر 1، سبق نمبر 2، یاد کرین اور پڑھیں۔ معروضی حل کریں

Grade 6

Science: From Chapter 12,3 make and learn 10 short questions and 3 long questions (from each chapter)

S.St: First 3 Chapters Short questions 20 Long questions 10. Also Draw the world and Pakistani map on copies.

Maths: Ex. 2.2, 2.3, 2.4, 2.5, 3.1, 3.2,. Write on Copies.

Computer: Unit No.1 and 2 (10 shorts questions and 10 long questions)

Draw pictures of early computer from book.

English: Learn from lesson (Mother to Son) Question Answers with Exercise. Reading of Nicobobinus and learn words to know

اسلامیات: سبق نمبر 1، اللہ پر ایمان (تمام سوال زبانی یاد کریں اور لکھیں)

         سبق نمبر 2، نماز کی اہمیت ( معروضی سوالات حل کریں)

اردو: سبق نمبر 1،2،3 (اسباق کی پڑھائی کریں اور مشقی سوالات سیکھیں)

Grade 7

English: Learn question answers of adventure of Isabel and reading of lamp lighter and learn words to know.

Science: Make 10 short and 4 long questions from each chapter (1,2,3) and also write on copies.

S.St: Learn Chapter 1 exercise and worksheet and read Chapter no. 3

Maths: Make a chart of types of sets.

                  Practice the exercise 1.1, 1.2, 1.3 and 1,4. Complete these exercises on note book.

اردو: سبق نمبر 1 تا 5 مشق کے سوالات لکھیں اور یاد کریں۔

اسلامیات: باب نمبر 1 زبانی یاد کریں ، باب نمبر 2 ایمانیات و عبادات (رسولوں  پر ایمان) تمام مشقی و معروضی سوالات لکھیں اور یاد کریں۔  باب نمبر 3 اسلام میں عبادت کا تصور سبق دہرائیں اور معروضی سوالات سبق کی مدد سے حل کریں۔

Grade 8

English: Write and learn translation exercise 1 to 10. Letter no. 1 to 5 from Grammar and composition of Class 9th. Learn and write exercise of lesson no.1. Read Lesson no. 2 to 5 and write the meanings of difficult words.

S.St: Chapter no. 1,3 and 4 from History. Write and learn all the long and short question answers. Solve the exercises on book.

Science: Unit no. 1 and 2. Make 15 short questions and 5 long questions from each chapter. Learn and write

Maths: 1.1,1.2 exercise. Practice and complete homework on copies.

Computer: Read and learn the chapter no.1 and write 20 short questions on notebook. Learn the objective part of Chapter no.1

Home Economics: Chapter No. 1and 2 Solve all the exercises on book. Learn and write question answers as well. Make a chart of good and bad habits of walking in kitchen.

اردو: نظم حمد، نعت اور سبق نمبر 3 سیکھیں اور لکھیں ۔ الفاط معنی اور مشقی سوالات سیکھیں۔ مضمون سائنس کے کرشمے اور کہانی تین دوست اور سونے کی اینٹ۔

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